Universal Dice first and foremost is a rock band. Musically our influences are Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, The Who, The Beatles and more .... Bands that were diverse, exciting, unique and had something to say. Lyrically we also have something to say, incorporating many themes of the human conditions that we face on our planet. We take on the Big Questions: the driving forces that affect our lives for better or worse, meaning and purpose, life and death. We hope to stimulate intellectual discourse and will not accept the status quo. We will challenge the forces that often seem to be left to roll of the universal dice. Currently the band has three albums available. Many hours labor and love went into these tunes, we hope you enjoy them.

Out of Many, One

Infidels Records is proud to announce that the newest release by Universal Dice is now available. Lots of new tunes and bonus tracks by this original group of musicians. As always, we're still creating great songs with thought provoking lyrics for listeners who enjoy music that that feels good and has something to say.
Check it out!!

mostly True Stories

This was our second release on Infidels Records. It was the follow up to our bold debut rock opera my "My Name Is Thomas..." It has another sixteen great rocking tunes from Universal Dice. As always it touches on the sacred cows of western society and religion. It dares to question the moral certainties that are imposed upon us on a daily basis.

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My Name is Thomas

"My Name Is Thomas..." was our debut album. It is a rock opera that explores many of the themes that have come to define our music. The exploration of faith and how it impacts the lives and world around the central character of Thomas, but not necessarily for the better. It's provocative and enlightening.
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