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The Prophet (from "birth, love, hate, death")


So far I have written about the first three tunes of our new CD, "birth, love, hate, death" and they all have been intros to the story and characters.  The 4th song, "The Prophet," introduces us to the character named "Danielle," a young woman who was born into a cult and was the victim of an arranged marriage.

Chris Cornell, part 2


One of the bits of wisdom I pretend to have learned on this journey through life is how captive we are to our natures. Some people, maybe most people think that we are blank slates when we are born; our experiences create who we are. Many believe all of our attitudes and preferences are "social constructs." The truth is that there are no absolutes; we are a mixture of how we are born and what we experience. 

Chris Cornell


One of my favorite singers and a great songwriter, Chris Cornell has died.  This is painful to write about, not only because he has died, but because it has been reported as an apparent suicide, meaning that he was most likely feeling deep pain and anguish in his final moments.

"Your Son"


In the last couple of weeks I've posted about the first two songs on the new UniversalDice CD "birth, love, hate, death". The first song basically was an introduction in the grandest sense: "Welcome to the World." Although the song sounded upbeat and rocked, there was a certain strain of realism within the lyrics.

What is "Classic Rock"? Is UniversalDice a "Classic Rock" band?


One of the things that I have learned about promoting music in the age of social media is that you must label yourself and your music.  Digital music re-sellers demand that you tell them whether you are rap, metal or country or any one of dozens of other possible musical categories.  



Today I am asking our friends to "follow" UniversalDice on Spotify. You can open an account at Spotify (for free using Facebook) and download their free Spotify app. The more that we are "followed," the more airplay we will receive on Spotify, and that would be a good thing for us! We might even receive a small check someday for our music - wouldn't that be a novelty! In any case, "follow" us by pressing the green "follow" button on Spotify - go to .

What I was trying to accomplish with "birth, love, hate, death"


One of the things I wanted to accomplish with the new CD, "birth, love, hate, death" was to have songs that were "true." I do not mean "true" in the sense in they are accurate historically or biographical, but instead, true to life. I also wanted them to be that rarity in music, and in all of art; works in which the characters (in the song in this case) poured their hearts out in truthful and articulate ways, in ways that would move the audience and be edifying at the same time. It did not have to be Shakespeare (and it isn't), but I wanted it to be understandable and honest. Romanticizing the subject matter was not on the agenda. Understanding and reaching deep down was. I hope I was able to at least approach these daunting goals.

Promotion in the era of social media


Now that the "birth, love, hate, death" CD is out and available everywhere, there are new goals at hand; 1) promote the new music as much as possible 2) see if there is anyway to play live while doing the music justice 3) and start creating new music for the next (5th) CD.

Promoting the music amounts to getting the music into the hands of reviewers and internet and terrestrial radio, podcasts, etc. It's also spreading the word via Facebook and other social media. That is in process.

Playing live is trickier; being able to do that on any kind of regular and meaningful basis is difficult when people do not necessarily know your music in advance - why should they come to your show? Also having responsibilities in life is a huge handicap. For many, to truly meaningfully tour to support new music would mean quitting one's job - that is not always an option.

"birth, love, hate, death" available at your favorite digital outlet!


Finally - the new UniversalDice CD, "birth, love, hate, death," a rock opera, is now available at most of your favorite digital outlets, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play and CDBaby. You can preview all UniversalDice tunes in their entirety (for now) at our web site for free and purchase/stream the songs at whatever web site you prefer!

New CD is available!


The new CD release by UniversalDice, "birth, love, hate, death" is available for streaming or purchasing on the UniversalDice web site via CD Baby. This is half announcement/half test to see how the "sharing" feature on CD Baby works. This is intended to be a link to the first song, "Welcome to the World" which is an introduction with a dose of realism for a newborn into life itself. What could be a better tune to start a CD titled "birth, love, hate, death." Well, there could be NO better tune!

As I have discovered subsequently, the CD Baby audio player not only shares the single tune you are trying to share, it shares the WHOLE CD. I will be working on a fix.

Here is the fix:

New CD about to be released by UniversalDice featuring Gerry Dantone!


It has been about 12 years since I last released a CD with my band UniversalDice but a new CD is imminent.  In fact, it actually physically exists as we speak but is still in the process of being distributed to the many digital outlets that would include iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and so on.  They should all have the CD and the individual tracks available for download in about a month which would mean by the end of April 2017.

A New Music Manifesto: Humanist Music - A declaration of principles

Humanist Music - A  Declaration of Principles
1) Humanist music is music that is not bounded by any musical condition except for one; it sounds "good."  If you want to make Humanist music, make it sound good.  Music that sounds "bad" is not  Humanist music although it may serve some other purpose.
2) Additionally, Humanist music should not cause harm or lessen the well being of those who hear it or are affected by it.  Optimally, it should increase well being.  Music that serves as a call to an action that would lead to misery or promotes ideas that one could reasonably conclude would lead to misery is most certainly not Humanist music.

Writing new songs! (2/18/17)


As a songwriter, I am always working on something. After completing the songs for "birth, love, hate, death" I started considering what I should write about for the next CD. Typically I like to have a focus or theme for my collection of tunes. For example, our first CD, "My Name is Thomas..." was a rock opera totally about faith and reason, meaning and purpose. Our second CD, "mostly True Stories" was a collection of songs about dogma, religion and ideology.  Our next CD, "Out of Many, One" was more political in nature.

UniversalDice songs

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